About 1K Website

1K Website is a platform founded by entrepreneur and digital marketer, Debarshi Sarkar.  Debarshi has 13+ years of experience working for companies such as Apple, Walmart, Kraft Foods, Ferrero etc. After which he quit the corporate world and started a successful digital marketing agency helping clients grow their businesses exponentially. 

At 1K Website we make websites for clients that have the highest conversion rates, and have elegant looks as well across all devices, laptops, tablets, mobiles etc. 

The main purpose of 1K Website design is to generate business, online. And delivery a beautiful site that represents the brand of the client. 

1K Website operates in a fixed cost model, of just $997 for website development. Rather than working on an hourly model, that raises the costs exponentially for the client.

The main benefit of 1K Website is - the clients get the website delivered within 2 weeks, so that they can go online ASAP, and start making money. 

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